Monday, January 19, 2009

Things I Learned From Being a Rent-a-Mom

  1. The grass is NOT always greener on the other side.
  2. Children say the darnedest things.
  3. A toddler crying when they realize you are out of their sight will melt your heart.
  4. Daddies are meant for adventure, Mommies are meant to worry about what will happen as result of those adventures.
  5. “Daddy only activities” make me nervous.
  6. Mommies have every right to say “I told you so.
  7. Tag-teaming is way easier than going it alone.
  8. Children don’t sleep in, no matter how little sleep the mama gets.
  9. The distance between causing a child to say “this is the worst time in my life” to “you’re the best Auntie April I’ve ever had” is not very far.
  10. Becoming the parent of a 4 year old and an 18 month old was not intended to happen overnight.
  11. Routine is a good thing.
  12. Macaroni and cheese is a lifesaver.
  13. A Dad who cooks is an amazing thing.
  14. Sippy cups are a great invention and anyone with little kids should have at least 10 per child.
  15. Sleep is NOT over-rated.
  16. Phinneas and Ferb is funny…even the 4th time around.
  17. A DVR is a blessed thing.
  18. Teaching a toddler where the recycling bin is saves you a lot of trips to the kitchen and gives them a great sense of pride.
  19. Little girls cannot run without squealing.
  20. Hat day is cute and fun.
  21. The living room floor will never be toy free…why even try?
  22. Refrigerator magnets will not stay on the refrigerator when there is a toddler around.
  23. Having a phobia about baby slobber doesn’t last long when you’re responsible for a toddler 24 hours a day.
  24. There is a time/space continuum issue when trying to entertain children for very long periods of time.
  25. I'm perfectly happy being an Auntie and not a Mommy.


Melinda said...

You painted such a clear picture of your week, with this list. Well gleaned and creative!

Jill said...

Sooo funny and so true. Amazing you learned that all in one week!