Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life is a Whirlwind

I've been doing a lot of pondering in the last few days. Things have sure changed in my life over the past year. Five months ago, I was sneaking in the side door of church and then rushing out before I'd have to speak to someone I didn't know.

Now I feel like maybe I'm there too much. Even people in the offices know who I am (with the exception of Eric Venable who calls me Ginger...just a little joke...). I have a bunch of new friends, two of whom have already become really important parts of my life.

How did this all happen so quickly? Maybe God was preparing things along the way and I just didn't know it. Maybe it was God leading me (crying all the way) to Barbara Feil's office. Maybe it was God putting me in a small group for Bible study that just HAPPENED to have 2 gals I'd been in choir with in 2005. Maybe it was God leading Jill Hofer by the nostrils to introduce herself to me (okay, not literally by the nostils, but that image amused me). Maybe it was God moving me to join the choir. Maybe it was God arranging it so that Jilly Gossett stood next to me one Sunday while we were singing...then she put her arm around me and said she wanted to do that again. Maybe it was just a God-Thing.

So much of our lives is orchestrated by God-Things. But we have to be open to see it. I'm learning this year just how much God WILL mold me and shape me if I just surrender.

A really great friend of mine told me the other day that she gave her life to Christ a long time ago. But then she had to come to the point of givng her HEART to Him. Now she's working on giving her MIND to Him. He really does want us to give out entire beings to Him. Why is it that we tend to do just one part at a time? Even now I find myself thinking, "hmmm, I can give Him my perotid gland, that shouldn't be too painful." Why am I so afraid of God turning my life upside down?

I can tell you this life HAS been turned upside down this year, and it is very good...not always EASY, but still very good. I think I'll move on from my perotid gland to an organ that will have more of an impact for the Kingdom. Wanna join me for a great adventure?

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Moon Dance Ranch said...

I am so glad you are in my life AGAIN my friend. Life is a whirlwind. Whew! Breathe!